Game On Summer Camp

Dates and Times:

2019 Summer Camp will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am-2pm for 10 sessions starting July 1st and ending with a Family Picnic/Potluck on July 30th.  We are based in the Cleveland Westside Metroparks. We rotate between Rocky RIver, Berea, and Bay Village. 

Activities for Game On Summer Camp

  • Nature-based experiences like creek walks, hiking and scavenger hunts
  • Group interaction, cooperative challenges and teamwork skills
  • Activities that teach skills needed for organized sports
  • Leadership and group dynamic skills
  • Peer socialization
  • Play skills including group games, biking, swimming and canoeing 
  • Slip N Slide (the camp favorite!)


Included in our staff are licensed Intervention Specialists, General Education Teachers, Speech Language Pathologists, and counselors seeking their college degrees in related fields. In addition, many have certification in various forms of Crisis Prevention, Therapeutic Intervention, and First Aid/CPR. Our camper-to-counselor ratio is 4:1.