Game On School Year Program

School Year Program

Game On is an adventure-based program designed to facilitate pro-social interactions in children who have difficulty socializing with peers. Focusing primarily on children with high-functioning autism, Game On helps kids acquire a strong social skills base through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities in a safe environment. 

For 90 minutes each week, Game On provides children on the spectrum and peer models with a fun, safe, accepting environment designed to provide them with the tools they need to appropriately interact with many diverse individuals and environments. 

School Year is broken up into four quarters at a total of 25 sessions that do not conflict with holidays or breaks.

Activities for Game On School Year Program include:

  • Nature-based experiences like creek walks, hiking and sled riding
  • Group interaction, cooperative challenges and teamwork skills
  • Sports and play skills including kickball, tag and soccer
  • Community Outings including Ice Skating and Bowling
  • Leadership and group dynamic skills
  • Peer socialization