About Game On

Game On

Game On was created in 2007 by Meg Downey and Shawn Stansbury as a social group for children with autism, serving just a few families. The program has continued to grow, now serving families in over 10 school districts throughout northern Ohio. The current directors of Game On are Shawn Stansbury (Co-Founder) and Chris Bundy. Game On is a non-profit (501(c)) organization in the State of Ohio.


Game On’s mission is to provide an activity and adventure based learning program for children with high functioning autism, children with attention disabilities, children that need social skills instruction, and their peers. Game On offers a wide range of experiences celebrating their unique abilities and supporting them in acquiring the skills necessary to develop a lifelong understanding of teamwork, diversity and friendship.


Game On's annual budget is funded by school year and camp tuition and personal donations.